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HR manual

Our consulting services is not confined to financial services and policies, the expert services also extend to designing a HR manual for companies of any scale. Irrespective of size, a company in order to operate smoothly, requires its employees to be aware about the organizational policies, practices and procedures. Our assistance in the preparation of an HR manual is in sync with laws prevailing and practised in India. The HR manual service includes services which covers the most extensive HR dimensions of employee policies, payroll, required compliance, job description and an employee handbook which keeps them aware about the policies and standard workplace rules.

Accounting manuals

Manuals are an imperative part of any organisation as they reflect the standard procedures to be complied with while carrying out the day-to-day operations irrespective of time or change in personnel size. Accounting manual is a distinct part of any business as it assures that the policies and procedures are consistently adhered and accounted for. Uniformity in procedures helps in comparison of financial statements from period to period. Manuals define the type of accounts in use, how to use and when to be used, keeping the internal accounting controls in position and helping in comparing them from time to time. We help organizations of any scale to draft their accounting manuals for future references with diligence and expertise.

Budgeting Process

The budgeting process in an organisation is definitely one of the most critical aspects of any business. If implemented well, it facilitates the organization towards achievement of its goals. The process requires thorough brainstorming, planning, implementation and rigorous decision making taking along the stakeholders with relevant and accurate information and its analysis. Outsourcing the task can reduce the burden of day to day operations and the challenges thereafter. Our assistance extends in developing a sound business model, budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

The process of budgeting basically covers the below critical aspects

  • 1. Making informed decisions with the company#39;s financial data and analysing the data to find out the variances and having the flexibility to analyse the effectiveness and coming up with better management solutions.

  • 2. A well chalked out planning process to take extra care of all the benefits, bonuses in an uncomplicated way without disturbing your general plan of actions.

  • 3. Our assistance is to help you make informed decisions based on information gathered from different sources. Creating periodic plans and analysing them with high technology software benefiting your organisations while you concentrate on other critical business processes.

  • 4. We administer your organisation with reports in standard format complying with the reporting standards like GAAP, FASB, IAS, IFRS etc for timely review to make critical decisions for the organisation.

Mahti Consultants networks with company secretaries to carry out the above functions and other compliances for its client with excellence and precision.